It is our intention to provide our customers with the very best of service, support, advice and facilitation of our products.

Below is a summary of our commitments to our customers, which will be kept under regular review by us in light of experience and feedback.




We will endeavor at all times to provide you with:

  • A user-friendly and supportive buying process

  • An assurance of quality in respect of procedures and processes

  • An assurance that our business is conducted in a professional manner, and offering you best value for money

  • Fair and competitive prices for all of our products.




We will endeavor at all times to:

  • Respond to all telephone and e-mail enquiries within 24 hours

  • Ensure a respectful, friendly and supportive attitude at all times to everyone in contact with our brand

  • To respond to a complaints within 24 hours

  • Listen to and respond positively, in respect of feedback and suggestion


Who to contact if you wish to enquire about any aspect of our services:


It is Benj Urban Apparel policy that all enquiries will be responded to in a clear and friendly manner - with no undue delay and within 24 hours.


Enquiries will be received initially by staff on the number below and then, if necessary, escalated to the relevant member of staff for resolution. Please include the area of your concern in the subject line. 

Thank you. 

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