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Urban Sketching The Complete To Techniques Zip [PATCHED]

ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR: Zip Lehnus is a San Francisco based urban artist, science writer and naturalist who carries a sketchbook everywhere. He started these urban sketching workshops in 2018.

urban sketching the complete to techniques zip

Included in the workshop fee is an urban sketching kit which contains everything you need for the day of instruction and future urban sketching outings on your own. One of the biggest takeaways we hope you get, is to learn to make art a daily habit you look forward to!

The perfect portable watercolor set, complete with a refillable water brush to transport and store water while on the road. This lightweight affordable kit fits into a shirt or jacket pocket and is a favorite among many urban landscape sketchers.

This digital art class teaches you all the core fundamentals and advanced techniques for drawing and sketching characters well. This course is suited for both beginner and intermediate levels. This drawing course offers a comprehensive 10 module guided video course. 076b4e4f54


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