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Doctor Who Planet Of The Dead Torrent

A meeting in a London bus with jewel thief Lady Christina takes a turn for the worst for the Doctor when the bus takes a detour to a desert-like planet, where the deadly Swarm awaits. (Taken from the imdb page)

doctor who planet of the dead torrent

In 2371, Voyager discovered Amelia Earhart and other Humans in stasis. They had been captured by the Briori to become slaves, but their descendants had revolted and overthrown their alien captors. The Humans on the planet believed that the eight ancestors were dead and honored them in a shrine. Upon revival, the group (nicknamed "the 37's") decided to stay on the planet with their "descendants." Earhart invited Voyager's crew to stay as well, but they decided to continue their journey home. (VOY: "The 37's") 350c69d7ab


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