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Racing Meter For Torque Pro 40

In this article, we will review the features and benefits of RacingMeter for Torque Pro and show you how to use it to boost your driving skills. We will also compare it with other similar apps and answer some frequently asked questions. By the end of this article, you will have a clear idea of why RacingMeter for Torque Pro is the best dashboard app for racing enthusiasts.

racing meter for torque pro 40

Features and Benefits of RacingMeter for Torque Pro

RacingMeter for Torque Pro is a plug-in that adds many features and widgets to Torque Pro. Here are some of the main features and benefits of this app:

  • Digital widgets: You can display various parameters on your screen, such as RPM, speed, engine coolant temperature, intake air temperature, catalysts temperature, engine load, turbo boost, fuel consumption, clock, fuel pump, rail pressures, air/fuel ratio, mass air flow, intake manifold air pressure, fuel used, fuel cost, voltage and more. You can customize the size, color and position of each widget.

  • Dials: You can also display dials with auto scale, customizable style, scale, angle and warning thresholds. You can choose from different dials such as RPM, engine load, turbo boost, engine coolant temperature, intake air temperature, speed, catalyst temperatures, fuel pump, rail pressures, mass air flow and intake manifold air pressure.

  • RPM LEDs Bar: You can add a RPM LEDs bar to your screen that shows you when to shift gears. You can customize the colors, styles and animations of the LEDs bar. You can also set automatic or manual threshold settings. You can also add two additional LEDs bars to display turbo boost or engine load data.

  • Acceleration Measurements: You can configure and display six independent stopwatches with specific speed thresholds for your current and best acceleration. You can also display 1/4 mile and km DA times.

  • Engine Power and Torque estimations: You can estimate your engine power and torque based on speed, RPM, weight, wheel radius, SCx and G-forces.

  • Current gear ratio estimation: You can estimate your current gear ratio based on speed and RPM.

  • Shift Light: You can add a shift light that flashes on your screen when you need to change gears. You can customize the color and threshold of the shift light. You can also define different RPM thresholds depending on your gear.

  • Make your own dashboard: You can move, rescale, add or remove any parameters on your screen. You can save three different presets containing up to five screens each. You can also customize all the colors of your dashboard.

  • Head-up display (HUD) mirror mode: You can use your device as a head-up display by placing it on your windshield. The app will mirror the screen so you can see the data projected on the glass.

Telemetry Viewer: You can display telemetry data in real-time and save up to one hour of data. You can also place two cursors on the graph to measure the time between two points. The app records speed, RPM, gear, engine load,

turbo boost,

lateral forces,

  • longitudinal forces.

  • Save the telemetry data: You can save the telemetry data for further calculations. The app supports export to RR format.

Braking Statistics: You can measure your braking performance by displaying distance,


speed in/out,

  • G-force avg/max.

  • G-Force Meter: You can display a G-force meter that plots the lateral and longitudinal forces for 5 seconds.



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